Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority is currently accepting applications for Parkview Place 

   38185 Erie Rd. Willoughby

Available Now! 

  Newly remodeled facility.  ADA units available.  Near downtown Willoughby.

Convenient access from Route 2 at the Lost Nation Road exit

2 Bedroom - $750 month

3 Bedroom - $875 month

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November 21, 2013


Dear Lake MHA Landlord:

This communication is to inform you of important information involving your valued relationship and interest with the Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority (Lake MHA).


Payment Standards Reduced from 110% to 100%.

 As you are aware, Lake MHA is primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Earlier this year, we were notified that both our Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) programs would be funded at significantly reduced levels.  To be exact, for this year we are receiving only 69% of eligible administrative fees for Section 8 and  94% of our eligible HAP funding.  This historically low funding was further exacerbated by the mandatory federal sequestration that has crippled housing authorities across the nation.


Sequestration cut $96 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grants to assist with housing subsidy.  The cuts in federal funding mean that our city and county housing authorities must reduce the number of families and individuals that we can assist.  This is being done through attrition – not reissuing vouchers as other families leave the program.


Many housing authorities have had to rescind vouchers simply because there is no longer enough funding to continue serving the same level of families.  I am pleased to report that we have not had to take back any vouchers yet.  However, we have been forced to let our leasing number drop to approximately 1380 families out of the 1457 that we could be serving.  In spite of our best efforts to balance leasing numbers with available reserves, we continue to pay out more subsidy than we are receiving.


After much discussion and consideration of the impact on the community, a decision has been made to lower our current payment standards from 110% to 100% of the recently published fair market rents (FMRs), effective January 1, 2014.  Lowering our payment standards means that some families will be required to pay a higher portion of their rent.  Our decision was between:  (1) serving fewer and fewer families or, (2) paying less on behalf of current tenants which will allow us to increase the number of families served.  Please note that housing authorities are permitted to establish their payment standards anywhere between 90% and 110%.  To that end, we felt that lowering the payment standard all the way down to 90% would be too drastic for our families to absorb at one time.


While the effective date is set for January 2014, the process is gradual.  For current program participants, Lake MHA must give a one year grace period before the new payment standard would affect their subsidy.  For new program participants and those who request to move, the new rates will be effective immediately.  Due to the grace period, there will not be a large number of families affected at one time, rather as each family goes through their annual recertification process during year 2015.


This change in payment subsidy will affect different families in different ways.  While we are not, at this time, asking for a freeze on rental increases, we would truly appreciate your consideration and partnership to help us prevent any future loss in housing for the families we strive to serve.


This planned change will be open for a 30-day comment period beginning November 26 through December 26.  Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  You can provide feedback by submitting written comments to:


Melissa Winfield

Executive Director

Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority

189 First Street

Painesville, OH 44077


Information received will help shape future decisions, as the outlook for 2014 funding and beyond remains uncertain for HUD.




Melissa Winfield

Melissa Winfield, MBA, SPHR

Executive Director


On Monday, Feb. 22, 2016, Congressman David Joyce met with the Lake MHA management staff and the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Lake MHA Board of Commissioners for a tour and site visit of ParkView Place.

A meeting was held to discuss

·         Perspective on the future of housing authorities in general

·         Review the improvements to ParkView Place

·         How best to have an impact on future plans for housing authorities and government funding


Willoughby unveils renovated housing property

By David Glasier, The News-Herald   Posted: 11/12/14,
Mike Cody and Melissa Winfield, Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority director of operations and executive director, respectively, stand beside the ParkView Place picnic pavilion as they descibe the amenities of the newly refurbished public housing apartments in Willoughby. The makeover is complete at what formerly were aging, rundown apartment buildings in Willoughby.

Now, it’s time for Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority, the buildings’ new owner, to offer the public a first glimpse at the renovated, renamed ParkView Apartments at 38153 Erie St. in Willoughby.  LMHA will host an open house at the 43-unit complex from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 14.      

“Everybody in the community has witnessed the transformation of these buildings,” LMHA Executive Director Melissa Winfield said recently during a tour of the complex that stands astride the banks of the Chagrin River on the northern fringe of downtown Willoughby.

“This is a beautiful property in a great location. I can’t wait to see it fill up,” Winfield said.
LMHA purchased the complex in June 2012 for $1.5 million. The seller was a Euclid-based property management company. LMHA Director of Operations Mike Cody said another $3 million was spent renovating the interior, exterior and infrastructure of the complex.

Funding for the purchase and renovation of the complex came from a $2.8 million Housing and Urban Development grant from the federal government, a $500,000 community development block grant and other grants, Winfield explained.   At the time of LMHA’s purchase, the condition of the nearly 50-year-old apartments was so poor that half of the units had been declared uninhabitable. Conditions were far from ideal in the units still deemed habitable.

“It seemed like we were constantly out there dealing with one building code violation or another,” Willoughby Mayor David Anderson said. “Those apartments also were one of the busiest spots in the city from a police response standpoint.”

After LMHA helped all former residents find alternate housing, crews went to work on a long list of interior and exterior repairs.  The buildings have new roofs, entrances, vinyl siding, stairwells, handrails, sidewalks and parking lot. Structural steel was replaced where necessary.

All of the apartments have new appliances, flooring, carpets, paint, cabinets, sinks, electric service boxes and furnace-air conditioner units. Interior wall framing and drywall was replaced where necessary.  Each building has a laundry room with four front-loading washers and dryers. Other features include a community room available for rental and an outdoor picnic pavilion.

Of the 43 units, 25 have been set aside for public housing. The other 18 units will be fair-market rentals at $965 monthly for two-bedroom apartments and $1,150 for three-bedroom apartments.  Six of the ground-floor units — four for public housing and two for fair-market rentals — are fully compliant with specifications laid out in the American with Disabilities Act.

“A driving factor in this project was making sure we had apartments that serve the needs of family members with disabilities,” Cody said.  Individuals already on LMHA’s waiting list for public housing will receive first consideration for occupancy of the 25 units set aside for public housing.

Those applicants must submit to thorough background checks and agree to perform eight hours of community service if they are accepted as tenants.  “Residents pay 30 percent of their monthly income in rent. It’s not a free ride,” Winfield said. 
Anderson said there was some negative feedback from city residents about having an LMHA property in Willoughby.  “Sometimes, people hear the words ‘metropolitan housing’ and react negatively without knowing all the facts,” Anderson said.  “These apartments sit at the entryway to downtown Willoughby, the heart of our city,” Anderson added. “As mayor, I’m certainly pleased to have this property upgraded significantly.”

The other three LMHA properties — Jackson Towers, Washington Square Apartments and Woodlawn Homes — all are in Painesville.


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Melissa Winfield appointed Executive Director of The Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority

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September 5, 2012

Contact: Melissa Winfield, Executive Director (440) 354-3347 ext. 29



The Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority (Lake MHA) board began its search for a new Executive Director in April of this year. The search concluded during a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners on August 13, 2012, when Melissa Winfield was appointed to assume the role of Executive Director. Michael Cody, who had been serving as the Interim Executive Director since September 2011, will remain on at the agency and continue in his role as Director of Operations. Cody will also oversee the Authority’s recent purchase and ensuing renovation of the River Isle Apartments.

Melissa Winfield began her employment with the Lake MHA in June 2010 as the Administrative Office Manager, and was appointed Interim Assistant Executive Director in September 2011. In both of these roles, she has been responsible for assisting with the management of the agency, office administration, human resources and served as the agency’s hearing officer, among other duties. Moving forward she will focus on leading a strategic planning process for the agency, positioning it for needed growth opportunities and strengthening community collaborations.

Prior to joining the Lake MHA, Winfield was Assistant V.P. of Special Projects at Beech Brook and previous to that, a Program and Operations Manager at the Cuyahoga County Community Mental Health Board. During her application for the executive director position, Winfield noted that, "during my 16 years of dedicated service to various non-profit entities, there has always been a common thread – the need for stable home life before any progress could be made."

Winfield came to the Lake MHA with strong administrative and management skills. She holds an MBA from Cleveland State University and a national certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). During her short tenure, she has also been certified in Public Housing Management, Housing Choice Voucher Management and as a Hearing Officer. In addition, she is currently enrolled in the Executive Director Education Program sponsored by Rutgers University and PHADA.

Vice Chair, Greg Patt, who led the nationwide search said, "We are excited about all the things Melissa brings to the table. We look forward to her leadership in bringing the agency to its top potential in our mission to bring clean, safe and affordable housing to those most in need in Lake County."

Winfield believes she has come full circle in her career. Having grown up in public housing, she feels this is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the journey she has been on to improve not only her life, but to now have a platform to touch and improve so many others.

LMHA Purchases River Isle Apartment Complex

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Date:                     June  , 2012


Contacts:             Michael Cody, Interim Executive Director:  440-354-3347 ext. 18

                             Melissa Winfield, Interim Assistant Director:  440-354-3347 ext. 29           




Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority Purchases the River Isle Apartment Complex


The Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) is working to expand the availability of affordable housing within Lake County with the purchase and renovation of the River Isle Apartment Complex.  LMHA has committed up to $2.5 million in funding for the renovation of the 40 year old property; which will see the construction of six fully ADA accessible units, improved green spaces, a river front boardwalk and a complete exterior renovation of the two existing buildings.


Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority currently operates 241 units of public housing located in the city of Painesville.  Nearly seventy seven percent (77%) of LMHA’s public housing serves Lake County residents who are elderly and/or disabled.  LMHA also administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program, formerly known as Section 8.  Approximately fifty seven percent (57%) of LMHA’s Housing Choice Vouchers offer housing assistance to families who are elderly and/or disabled.  The HCV Program makes housing assistance more readily available to Lake County veterans and families who live and work in Lake County.  With the purchase of the River Isle Complex, LMHA will be able to provide an additional 40 units of affordable housing for these residents who are moderate to low income.


The acquisition also represents a significant financial commitment to Lake County and the City of Willoughby.  The project will be funded through a Public Housing Grant, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funds, HOME Funds as well as LMHA reserve funds.  The sources of funding for this development show the cooperation and mutual support between the Lake County Commissioners, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Willoughby and the Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA).   Renovations to the property are expected to begin in the summer of 2012 with an estimated time of completion set for the early summer of 2013. 


Willoughby Mayor David Anderson supports the project, stating “We are pleased that this project will infuse $2.5 million in our local economy and all of the renovations will be completed in a manner that takes our architecture and historical values into context.”

The acquisition and renovation of the River Isle Property is an extension of the mission of the Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority to provide, promote and encourage quality, safe and affordable housing, encourage the economic self-sufficiency efforts of its residents and promote equal housing opportunities in Lake County.

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