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Lake County Housing Choice Voucher Program
(Section 8) Waiting List

The Housing Choice Voucher Program

beautiful family of three people, mom dad and daughterThe Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, formerly known as Section 8, offers low-income households an opportunity to lease privately owned rental housing at an affordable rate. This program, administered by Lake MHA, helps bridge the housing gap between landlords and low-income tenants by subsidizing the difference between property rents and the amount that the household can pay, based upon their income and payment standard or voucher size.


Please do not call the Housing Authority to inquire as to where you are on the HCV or Public Housing waiting list or when you will receive a housing offer. We are unable to accurately predict when you will receive a housing offer(s).

ALL changes to your original application must be sent or delivered to our office in writing. Our mailing address is Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority 189 First Street, Painesville, OH 44077. The fax number is 440-354-5008. Please indicate either the HCV or PH waiting list when sending your information.

To change or update contact information or for other changes, please use this form.

The chart below is a summary of the 2021 Income Limits for Lake County as declared by HUD:

Income Limits for 2021

 Very Low (50%)
Income Limits
Extremely Low
(30%) Income Limits
Low (80%)
Income Limits
1 Person$27,550$16,550$44,050
2 Person$31,450$18,900$50,350
3 Person$35,400$21,960$56,650
4 Person$39,300$26,500$62,900
5 Person$42,450$31,040$67,950
6 Person$45,600$35,580$73,000
7 Person$48,750$40,120$78,000
8 Person$51,900$44,660$83,050

Income Limits for 2022-effective 4/18/22

 Very Low (50%)
Income Limits
Extremely Low
(30%) Income Limits
Low (80%)
Income Limits
1 Person$29,900$17,950$47,850
2 Person$34,200$20,500$54,650
3 Person$38,450$23,050$61,500
4 Person$42,700$27,750$68,300
5 Person$46,150$32,470$73,800
6 Person$49,550$37,190$79,250
7 Person$52,950$41,910$84,700
8 Person$56,400$46,630$90,200

2022 Lake MHA Payment Standards
Effective 1/01/2022 through 05/31/2022

0 Bedroom$695
1 Bedroom$805
2 Bedroom$982
3 Bedroom$1285
4 Bedroom$1346
5 Bedroom$1548

2022 HUD-Approved Temporary Payment Standards (PIH Notice 2021-34)
Effective 6/01/2022 through 12/31/2022

0 Bedroom$726
1 Bedroom$841
2 Bedroom$1026
3 Bedroom$1344
4 Bedroom$1407
5 Bedroom$1619

Rent, Utilities, and Appliances

If the rental amount the landlord is seeking does not include utilities or appliances, you must include these items in determining the gross rent (requested rent plus the utilities) of the unit. You will find the figures on the corresponding utility allowance sheets that were included in your briefing packet. Please make sure that you are using the correct utility allowance sheet (“City of Painesville/outside city limits” and “house/apartment”) for the unit you have selected.

The landlord’s rent plus the utility allowance cannot exceed the Fair Market Rent and must pass a “Rent Reasonable” test prior to being approved by the Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority.

NOTE: The Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) must be completely filled out by the landlord and tenant and submitted to Lake MHA in person by appointment.

Example of Gross Rent: If the unit you have chosen has a requested rental amount of $725 and a utility cost of $147 (monthly) the gross rent of the unit is $872 ( $725 + $147).

Waiting List / Port-in Contact Information

If you are currently on the Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List or if you are porting (moving) in or out of Lake County, please contact:

Stacy, ext. 26

CLICK HERE for more information about the portability process.

HCV Caseworker List

If you are currently on the Public Housing or Housing Choice Voucher program and would like to meet with a Lake MHA staff member, please contact the office at (440) 354-3347 for an appointment. Your caseworker is assigned by your last name:

Michele, ext. 28

Victoria, ext. 19

Megan, ext. 20

Carissa, ext. 30

Home Ownership Program (HOP)
Stacy, ext. 26

Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS)
Janyce, ext. 34


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