Lake Metropolitan Housing Authority (Lake MHA) is dedicated to providing decent, safe, and affordable housing to our residents, as such Lake MHA has determined that an update to the House Rules is needed.  In accordance with Lake MHA’s current House Rules, Lake MHA has received board approval on proposed changes and is inviting comments on the proposed rules.

Applicants, residents, and other interested parties may submit written comments regarding the proposed Multifamily RAD PBRA House Rules, including Multifamily RAD PBRA Pet/Animal Rules to Lake MHA in person, by mail, or by emailing Meghan Furman, Written comments must be received by 5:30 P.M. on February 22, 2022. The proposed rules may be viewed below or in Lake MHA’s Administrative Office.

The proposed rules are subject to change.  Once the comments have been considered, Lake MHA residents will receive a sixty (60) days’ notice of the effective date of the final Multifamily RAD PBRA House Rules, including Multifamily RAD PBRA Pet/Animal Rules. Please reach out to Lake MHA’s Administrative Office if you have any questions.

Proposed House Rules

Proposed Animal Rules

Income Limits for 2022- effective 4/18/22

Very Low (50%)
Income Limits
Extremely Low
(30%) Income Limits
Low (80%)
Income Limits
1 Person$29,900$17,950$47,850
2 Person$34,200$20,500$54,650
3 Person$38,450$23,050$61,500
4 Person$42,700$27,750$68,300
5 Person$46,150$32,470$73,800
6 Person$49,550$37,190$79,250
7 Person$52,950$41,910$84,700
8 Person$56,400$46,630$90,200

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