Information about Housing Choice Voucher Program for Landlords

2024 Payment Standards – HUD Approved Increase

FY 2024 HUD Payment Standard – Eff. 12/01/23

2023 Payment Standards – HUD Approved Increase

2023 Payment Standards – Eff. 01/01/2023

2023 Payment Standards – Eff. 02/01/2023

Benefits for HCV Landlords

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (formally known as Section 8) can help you achieve your goals as a landlord while providing housing opportunities to low-income individuals and families in Lake County.

  • Payments from Lake MHA will be directly deposited into your bank account – typically on the third business day of the month.
  • Lake MHA provides inspection services to a participating landlord to ensure the property meets HUD standards of housing quality. A successful inspection documents that a property is considered to be a safe place to live and in decent and sanitary condition when rented to an HCV (Section 8) participant.
  • A criminal background screening from the local court databases is completed for each applicant.

List your rental property for Housing Choice Voucher holders at Affordable Housing for free online registration or by calling 1-866-466-7328.

Please complete the Landlord Property Form to be listed on the Lake MHA Housing List and/or on our website: Landlord Sign-Up FormUpdated 03/12/24

Instructions for HCV Landlords

When you have a prospective tenant who is receiving help from the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Lake MHA will begin the process which includes two major activities:

  • Inspecting the unit to ensure it satisfies HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS Inspection Updated Checklist)
  • The rent you propose to charge is comparable to similar properties in your community.

Once these two activities are successfully completed, Lake MHA enters into a contract with you, and you enter into a lease with the tenant. Payments may begin as soon as the first day of the month.

Landlord Payment Lookup

With the landlord payment lookup, Lake MHA landlords can view their Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) at any time.  The username is the landlord’s last name and first initial OR business name (up to 30 characters). The password is the last four digits of the SSN or TIN.

Landlord Payment Lookup

Tenant Balance Lookup

Lake MHA is currently seeking new landlords for eligible HCV applicants!

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